"How did I get a Jimmie in my belly button!"
“Are you serious”
“Yeah a pink one”
“Can I take a picture?”
“No I already ate it”

I’d like to think I’m doing a good thing by working here. I’d like to think that I face all these things that make everyone else so uncomfortable because I am tough and I can help people.
You know what though? I’m not helping shit. I’m exhausted and even I as an employee get treated poorly, knowing patients get treated even worse. In the instances when people do care, their power is limited and only stretches so far. I hate being here, and I hate wanting to walk out on it too. I don’t even fucking like people in general and yet I’m so discouraged that they aren’t treated like human beings, no matter the age. Nobody prays to get mentally ill, and nobody has time for head games and disrespect.
I’m overwhelmed yet feel like I have no room to be stressed or upset because I see the life I could have but don’t. I’m fortunate, but I’m sick of watching all the lucky ones. Like getting paid $90,000 a year for work we do for you.
Maybe ill write a book, and all the respect and anger will go towards the people that deserve it.
Fuck you

Being a vet tech passed my mind but then I decided I would probably cry every time I had to put a pet down.

Damn this heart of mine! Animals get the much sweeter end of me than people do, mostly because they deserve it more!

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I don’t understand my new computer enough to figure out how to open a Word document so I am stashing info here before I forget it!!

Art Therapist - Masters Degree (eff that)

Massage therapist -10 Months *Sent for info

Esthetician - 1-2 years *Sent for info

Makeup - Apprentice/Hands on/ or 1-2 years schooling *Sent for info

OR Tech - min 2 years training

Mortician - 2 years plus apprenticeship. (expect your life to revolve around this job…. not ready for that at this time)

I’m looking to move forward and learn more things. I want to be interested in what I do and not always feel like I’m catching the ass end of things at my jobs, especially when it’s not something I love doing in the first place.

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what a time to be alive

GUTO. see this. put the cinnabons in the George Foreman when you make them. DO IT. 

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Oh No

I have to deal with my aunts today…

Hopefully the baby will be a help. I bought her sparkly gold shoes because it’s how I do!

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Hover Stoves

It would be great if there were hover fire places you could put over your bed. You’d get the soothing flicker of the flames and the cozy heat. This is of course until it malfunctions and you get this shitty combo death of being crushed and fried. Then come the press conferences and the apologies.


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These are a few of my favorite thinnggggssss!!!!

These are a few of my favorite thinnggggssss!!!!

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Meet Olive! My brand spankin’ new niece! Tiny as ever and cuter than hell!

March 1, 2014 at 2:12pm. Damn I’m getting old.

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